KnockMedia’s Peter Propp interviews Epistemic.AI CEO Stefano Pacifico

On this episode of KnockMedia’s 10 Minute Strategy, CEO Stefano Pacifico discusses the use of the AI in Life Sciences.

KnockMedia SVP of Sales and Marketing Peter Propp interviews Stefano, who also co-founded Epistemic with NYU Silver Professor of Neuroscience and Data Science, David Heeger.

Stefano discusses the details of how the platform accelerates research by delivering insights on new therapies to large and small pharmaceutical companies, universities and CROs.

Because Stefano has been working in the world of AI for a long time, we also dug into ChatGBT. He was able to contextualize ChatGPT and what it means to our society. And he helps viewers correctly understand the use of the word “hallucinate” with regard to the output of generative systems like ChatGPT.