What We Do

We design, develop and market websites and applications for desktop, mobile and wearable devices.

Why choose us

For Early Stage, SMB and Fortune 500 clients, our projects begin with clear definition and timelines.

Throughout design, development and deployment, we lean on our project management best practices while striving to be agile and nimble so that we can handle challenges along the way.

Our Process


UI/UX Planning

Client Approval

Visual Design

Client Approval


Training & Knowledge Transfer

Marketing & Maintenance

Ideation & Prototyping Process

KnockMedia’s ideation and prototyping process allows parties on both side of the table to test the market fit with potential customers and partners at multiple stages throughout the planning and execution phases.

By building feedback loops into the design and development cycle, product launches have a higher likelihood to meet and exceed market needs.  This diagram, inspired by NetSolutions, sums our process up:

Clients we
work with