In part two of Robin Hackney’s presentation on Digital Health, we get a breakdown of the major categories of digital health solutions.

Topics include:

— Electronic Health Records

— Revenue Cycle Management

— Telemedicine

Robin Hackney is Chair of the Digital Health Society for the Technology Association of Georgia, one of the nation’s most influential technology associations. She’s also a fellow ex-IBM Software Group leader, and has been CMO of 5 digital health companies. We are the lucky recipient of Robin’s recent speaking appearances where she provided an overview of the digital health landscape in a talk she has titled “Digital Health Today and Tomorrow.”

About Robin Hackney:

Robin is an experienced technology marketing executive with over 20 years of leadership experience driving marketing efforts for growth and mature stage companies. A serial CMO with focus on Private Equity-backed SaaS software companies, she uses her expertise across marketing disciplines to enhance brand strategy, operationalize demand generation efforts to drive growth and build high-performing marketing teams. LinkedIn.