Digital health solutions are transforming the way we access and deliver health care. From telehealth to wearable devices, digital health solutions offer convenience, efficiency, and personalization for both providers and patients. However, implementing and scaling digital health solutions is not without challenges. In this video, we will explore some of the common challenges that providers and technology companies face in the digital health space, and how to overcome them. The KnockMedia team hopes you’ll enjoy part 3 of our conversation with Robin Hackney.

Robin is Chair of the Digital Health Society for the Technology Association of Georgia, one of the nation’s most influential technology associations. She’s been Chief Marketing Officer of 5 digital health companies. We are the lucky recipient of Robin’s recent speaking appearances where she provided an overview of the digital health landscape in a talk she has titled “Digital Health Today and Tomorrow.”

About Robin Hackney:

Robin is an experienced technology marketing executive with over 20 years of leadership experience driving marketing efforts for growth and mature stage companies. A serial CMO with focus on Private Equity-backed SaaS software companies, she uses her expertise across marketing disciplines to enhance brand strategy, operationalize demand generation efforts to drive growth and build high-performing marketing teams. LinkedIn.