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Clifford Beers Community Health Partners (CBCHP) is a nationally recognized provider of trauma-informed mental health care for children, adolescents and adults.  CBCHP serves as the safety net for children and families in the greater New Haven area who cannot afford or gain access to private mental health care.


Clifford Beers was planning to consolidate three (3) existing mental health services and clinics into their business.  As a result of the intended expansion, they sought to create a new website that would serve their existing and new audience(s).  For the end-user, the client wanted a simple, highly visual user-interface with strong calls-to-action and content available in multiple languages.  For the team that was going to be in charge of the new websites, content management and workflow requirements were high on the list of priorities.


In order to standardize and create a scalable foundation for an ecosystem of new websites, WordPress Multisite was selected for this project.  Initially, a parent website and three (3) children sub domains were created.  KnockMedia created a style guide for the project that allowed for a main design theme and separate styles for the sub domains.  WPML was used for language localization and Advance Custom Fields (ACF) allows the website administrator to create new sub domains with the click of a button.  The client intends to create several new sub domains in the years to come.


The team at Clifford Beers is pleased with their ability to make content changes quickly and to be able to create new pages on the fly, as needed.  The new website addressed a number of pain points around process and content strategy, specifically consolidating content management and offering a multi-lingual experience to a growing audience.  Stronger calls-to-action are having an impact on inbound inquiries and the new websites are ranking across the search engines.

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